About Vita Health

For over 75 years Vita Health has been a Winnipeg tradition - a local, family-owned business striving to bring you and your family nothing but the best. We are committed to supporting local, organic and non-GMO producers and suppliers whenever we can. Your support makes this possible. Please continue to grow with us at any of our six Vita Health Fresh Market stores. We look forward to seeing you there.

EatIt.ca is Now Closed

Thank you to all of our loyal Winnipeg customers who have supported us over the years. On June 27th EatIt.ca, Canada's Online Organic Store, closed its doors.

All of our friendly, knowledgeable Eat It staff have continued on throughout our existing 6 Vita Health locations including our newest Fresh Market which opens this summer on McPhillips Street.

We listened to you Winnipeg and today you have more local, more organic and more fair trade choices than ever at your local Vita Health Fresh Market.

Visit Vita Health to find your neighborhood Fresh Market:

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Organic demand continues to grow in the city. More people are seeking a greater selection than ever. Vita Health is growing too! We offer the greatest selection of local, fair trade and organic products in all of our Fresh Market locations.

Our Vita Health Stores

Our Westwood Fresh Market location offers the finest selection of local, organic, fair trade and fresh options. From local elk, to select Quebec cheeses, to organic fresh produce - come discover the difference quality makes.

Our Osborne Fresh Market location offers shoppers the finest organic selection in the heart of the Village.